Saturday, 28 January 2012

In the beginning.

April 2010 we purchase our block at Sandhurst Golf Club, due to be released April 2011. January 2011 we chose our home The Laguna 35 with the Grand outdoor room by Metricon. April 2011 comes and goes and the land is now due to be released in July 2011. May 2011 we move to Mum and Dad's. July 2011 comes and goes and the land is now to be released in October 2011. October 2011 the land is released. October 2011 to 16th of January 2012 Metricon drag their feet. People warned me that this was the worst part and they weren't wrong. On several occasions I had to jump up and down to try and move things along.


Finally started

I have received a phone call and follow up email from Metricon stating that we will commence on the 16th of January 2011 and that I will hear from our builder very soon.
Metricon out did themselves and actually started to dig out the block on the 13th of January 2012.
16th of January the Porta Loo arrived!
18th of January dirt and stones arrived.
18th of January builder calls but missed the call, called him back but no answer.
19th of January tempory fence went up.
20th of January Plumming and Electricity box went in.
23rd of January Base dirt for the slab went in.
31st of January slab poured, fingers crossed stay tuned.